Who is Somesh Kumar?

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing by Somesh KumarCombining his technical skills with his love for students, Somesh Kumar, also known as Somesh Kumar Digital,  is helping institutions with their brand building and advertising.



Trainings by Somesh Kumar (1)Somesh Kumar has been a trainer of English and Soft Skills who has taught more than 2000 students.

He has worked with NGOs, Govt School Projects, and institutes like British Academy For English Language.


mantavya live trafficSomesh Kumar loves the internet and so he runs numerous blogs.

One is Mantavya Quotes that has 80 k, monthly page views.

Social Media Enthusiast

He has 194K views on Quora and several Instagram pages. And one of his Pinterest accounts has 5.1 million monthly impressions and a 1.4 million monthly audience.